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Bruise Creams

Superficial or subcutaneous bruises usually don’t require any treatment at all. But if bruises affect the way you look, it is best to use remedies to reduce or remove them completely. Aside from applying alternating cold and warm compresses to reduce inflammation, you may also use a bruise cream to take care of bruises. Bruise creams are commercially prepared creams that contain vitamins like E and K that are known to fade and clear bruises. Bruise treatment creams are often prescribed for post surgical wounds and scars; it is also advised for people who have just undergone skin laser treatments, tattoo removal and scar removal as well.

What Do You Know About Bruises?

A bruise is caused by a blow to the skin. It may appear as bluish or reddish bump on skin and is usually painful to the touch. Bruises are the result of damaged tiny blood vessels; blood and blood products leak out to the adjoining tissues causing discoloration, fluid accumulation and pain. A bruise may also be called a contusion or a hematoma. There may be different types of bruises and these are according to the layers of skin and tissue involved. Often times a subcutaneous bruise happens and since it is nearly superficial, it heals easily even without intervention.

How Bruise Creams Work?

Bruise creams are often prescribed to reduce or clear up bruises. These creams often contain formulas or vitamins that remove discoloration of bruises and also heal the bruise as well. Most bruise creams contain vitamin K, vitamin E, zinc and herbal ingredients that are popular in healing wounds, scars and bruises. These are applied onto the bruise to superficially heal and reduce inflammation. As the swelling, pain and discoloration subsides, bruises heal. Vitamin K Cream is able to heal the unsightly spider veins and also help to recover bruises, burns, and skin irritations without and discomfort. Post surgical wounds, burn wounds and many types of bruises respond well to bruise creams but it is still best to consult a dermatologist for the best type of bruise cream to use.